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The Daily Whim

Fri. Jul 26, 2002

Hazing the Boss

Hazing the Boss – Arthur Blank is one of the founders of Home Depot, a very rich man who has been incredibly charitable with his money in the Atlanta area. For example, he bought the Atlanta Falcons.

They’re not exactly a real charity, but then, over their 35 year history, they haven’t exactly been a real professional football team, either. Blank has come in and made tremendous efforts to turn the team around.

But he’s still a rookie.

"Like everybody else, new owner Arthur Blank , is staying in the Furman University dorms. Cornerback Ray Buchanan said that makes Blank eligible for indoctrination. ’He’s a rookie,’ Buchanan said. ’We might have to tape him to the goal posts. We may have to wear ski masks so he won’t know who it is.’ "

If you want to sell out the first preseason game, Ray, (which would be a Falcon First) start a rumor you’ll do it at halftime. I’d be there.

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