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The Daily Whim

Fri. Jul 12, 2002

A Proposal: Open Letter to the People of Iran

An Open Letter to the People of Iran – A most excellent idea. A proposal to reach out to the people of Iran, via an open letter posted on multiple weblogs, a letter that would open, ”To show our support for the Iranian people, we each have agreed to display this letter, in English and in Farsi, on our pages from sunrise to sunset today, Tehran time…” You might think this silly and/or ineffective, but remember it was recently reported there are over 4,000 Iranian weblogs, all in Farsi. This is fertile territory, an opportunity for a level of communication between countries not seen before; weblog to weblog. Anyway, I don’t want to mislead or misrepresent this effort, so go read the Bear’s full proposal (Update: The Bear’s proposal has for some reason gone 404, so try here).

All I can say is, I’m in.

And some day, we may look back on this as the start of something. ”I remember back in ’Ought Two when the International Weblog Outreach program first appeared…”

[Update: it didn’t work out quite as planned, but the letter is now ”live” on various weblogs, including mine]

Peanut Gallery

1  MAS wrote:

I'm getting a 404 error on the 2 links.

Comment by MAS · 07/13/2002 11:53 AM
2  PhotoDude wrote:

Blogger has screwed permalinks for hundreds of thousands of weblogs for days now. Last I heard, those using blogger couldn't post yesterday without rebuilding their archives after every new post. People were losing entries right and left. The post appears to be gone, and I have to assume that's why. I've e-mailed the Bear to see if he can get it fixed. And, people, it's time to bail. I know Ev probably didn't mean it to work out this way, but indeed, "the end of free is near." For $150 per year, you can get your own web host and use GreyMatter, Moveable Type, Radio, pMachine, etc. Weigh the frustration you feel at being unable to post this weekend, and see if it's worth $12.50 per month to you to get rid of it. Permanently. I won't even mention the added benefit a domain priovides of having an e-mail address that never has to change again for the rest of your life.

3  PhotoDude wrote:

Well, now I see Bear is using MT, so I don't know what's up. Try this link.

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