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Wed. Apr 24, 2002

QuoteLog, 4/24

QuoteLog, 4/24"I heard some clips today from a rally held by the Washington Monument in support of the PLO and Hamas. Part of the merry anti-Globo puppet parade. Its just so charming to hear rudely amplified voices calling for the death of the Jews again. Its just so … bracing to hear a speaker take the mike beneath the two-toned obelisk named for Americas Cincinnatus, and demand the destruction of a small democratic state in a sea of technocrat tyrannies. And it gives you such a warm feeling to hear the crowd bay their approval. A speaker demanded that the borders of the Middle East be returned to 1947; the crowd cheered. Death to the Jews, death to Israel. Stated and applauded. In America. In Washington. On the Mall [...] Whatever point they originally had about globalization – some of which I used to share – has been consumed by their adoration of fascism and political violence. When a speaker promised to bring the intifada to America, and use whatever means necessary – enunciating each word so the reference to St. Malcolm the X was welded to the current definition of ’means’ – then the point is naked and obvious: you have a movement that wants young people to blow themselves up at the Disney store in Times Square [...] They preach an end to war, but include in their number people who wish to destroy, violently, a democratic nation. They agitate against racism, but include in their number people who wish to exterminate the Jews of Israel. They rage against globalism, but support the work of terrorists who operate in every hemisphere. They are the useful fools who end up on the wrong side of concertina wire a year after the revolution; besotted by their communal self-regard, enchanted by the allure of the flame, they have thrown in their lot with the enemies of civilization. And this will be the death of their cause."

James Lileks

"Did George Bush orchestrate the events of 9-11, as some claim? Did he know in advance about the attacks and do nothing so that his oil friends could get rich, as others have suggested? [...] Two thoughts: Americans have too much time on their hands; the Internet is the new asylum. The question that burns, second only to ’Why do they hate us?’ is ’Why are so many Americans willing to believe such irrational conspiracy theories?’ [...] Without trying to refute each piece of conspiracy-theory ’evidence’—it is after all impossible to prove a negative—anyone who’s ever stood in line for a drivers license knows instinctively that the U.S. government isn’t capable of pulling off the events of 9-11. Such a deed would require long-term planning, massive cooperation, blood trust, utmost secrecy and—important detail here—no leaks. Washington can’t take a shower without an APB being issued. But George Bush—the same Bush, remember, who’s considered a ”not too bright” bungler—managed to kill thousands of Americans under the guise of radical Islamic terrorists so that he can build an oil pipeline through Afghanistan? Sorry, sheeples, but you can’t have it both ways: t’backy-chewin’ moron or junior genius Dr. Know? Pick one."

Kathleen Parker, Orlando Sentinel

"The only Muslim Royal Marine in Afghanistan vowed last night to fight al-Qaeda terrorists in the name of Islam. Each night as his comrades sit in camp playing cards and talking about the conflict, Ghazanfar Hussain, 22, reads the Koran. He doesn’t drink or smoke, and the Brit-born commando of Pakistani origin tries to pray as often as possible – whenever he gets a chance to clean his feet. But he insists that to fight against the Islamic extremist organisation and kill their followers does not clash with his beliefs. Ghaza, from Yorkshire, said: ’It made me very angry when al-Qaeda used my religion on September 11 to justify what they did. ’There is no suicide bombing in the Koran. They are just simple terrorists. Their faith is false. ’When we go up there to sort them out, not only will I be doing my job, I’ll also be doing right by my religion. They need to be stopped and brought to justice. And that is in the Koran.’ "

Tom Newton Dunn, The Mirror

"On September 9, 2001, Yigal Goldstein, a 47-year-old Jerusalem architect and father of three, was killed by a suicide bomber at the Nahariya train station. He died along with his cousin and a young soldier. The bomber, who had the dubious honor of being the first Israeli Arab to strap explosives around his middle, not only blew apart the lives, hopes and dreams of Yigal’s wife and children, but those of every person whose lives Yigal touched [...] Yigal’s wife and children are forever linked to every other person in this country who has lost a relative to the senseless violence over the past 18 months. But Yigal was not my brother’s blood relative, and yet for all intents and purposes he may well have been. As such, that’s why I worry about my brother. Because he, along with so many other people are those whose lives are forever altered because of the unnecessary violent death of one person. Of the almost 400 people who have been killed in terrorist attacks here since September 2000, how many people beyond their immediate relatives have been directly affected by their deaths. Hundreds? Thousands? How much has the State of Israel been altered by buildings never built, dreams never realized, people never married and babies never born because of these individuals deaths? The ripple effect caused by the death of one individual in this bloody conflict may never be able to be accurately measured. So while my brother was never a blood relative of Yigal, his life has been directly affected by this man’s death as has his wife’s and children’s, together with me and our entire immediate family. In January my brother turned 30, and when my sister-in-law asked him what he wanted for his birthday he simply said: ’Yigal.’ Like I said, I worry about my brother."

Kelly Hartog

Peanut Gallery

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