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The Daily Whim

Sun. Feb 24, 2002

Atlanta, Home of Bobsled Champions

Atlanta, Home of Bobsled Champions”Randy Jones of Smyrna heard the question for two weeks: ’What’s a black man from Atlanta doing out here in the snow in a bobsled?’ ”

Winning a silver medal, along with his former Atlanta roommate Garrett Hines. Steve Hummer declares, ”They have spent an adult life traveling the world, chasing particles of a second. The merest molecules of time so seemingly insignificant that no lawyer would even think to bill for them.”

A few time molecules behind them were fellow Atlantans Mike Kohn and Doug Sharp, gathering up the bronze. I can’t begin to explain why this Southern Town suddenly emits world-class bobsled demons, but I expect bobsleds to soon become a regular sight on Peachtree Street.

Despite the fact the difference between gold and bronze is mere tenths of a second on a bobsled, you hear no whining from the Americans, just joy at their accomplishments. In fact, there’s been so much whining, some are now calling them the Crybaby Games: ”Having run out of more pressing issues, the lower house of the Russian parliament even voted 417-0 to be rotten losers. Officially the decree was worded as a suggestion to its athletes to boycott the Closing Ceremony [...] ’Olympic Spirit Is Dead,’ read the headline in South Korea’s Hankook Ilbo newspaper. One more ridiculous overstatement added to a growing pile. No, not dead. But the Olympic spirit certainly is volatile. It has flared magnificently in these Games, and flickered nearly to the point of extinction with every bilious gust of wind from some outraged delegation leader.”

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