The Daily Whim

The Daily Whim

Sun. Jan 06, 2002


Housekeeping – I finally found time to do some light housekeeping around here. Most sites tend to put up a new look in one fell swoop. Me, I drib and drab it out over a couple of weeks, as I realize what works and what sucks, and then find time to fix it amid working on sites for clients who insist that all their stuff go up at once!

And while on the subject of Things Reid Doesn’t Do the Normal Way, I’ve updated the links in the left column of the weblog. Yes, I still alphabetize funny, but that’s the way my mind works. When I want to visit Matt’s site, I look under ”M.” When I see the link list at other sites, I wonder, what the hell is Matt doing listed under the ”W’s”?

I guess that’s the core of this message. The link list isn’t for you. It’s for me. And it’s become confusing lately, causing me excessive scrolling. So I’ve decided you people need cubbyholes that match my surfing habits. Some of you don’t even fit the ”War Weblog” category anymore, as we move through phases and discuss a wider range of topics, and Charles already took the best name, Anti-Idiotarians. But there are a lot of folks who fit well within the category ”Punditry.” There’s times I want to check out well chosen links, there’s times I want to look at pictures, there’s times I need to be reminded how much there is to learn in the world of web design, and times I just want to see what my fellow humans are up to. And there definitely times I need a good laugh. Plus, I keep finding more sites that are fine examples of such content, worthy of regular visits. Quite a few new ones have been added. And with the added category links at the top of the list, you can now easily tell folks, ”hey, PhotoDude has a kewl list of PhotoBloggers.”

So, each of you has been stuffed in a cubbyhole. Some of you don’t fit too well. In fact, you may feel you’ve been mislabeled. If so, make your case.

But just remember: it’s all about me. And this is about the only place in the universe where that’s allowed.

Peanut Gallery

1  Jon wrote:

Great list of photoblogs. I especially like and

Comment by Jon · 01/07/2002 01:34 AM
2  gerik wrote:

No wonder I have this kink in my neck... I've been stuffed in to a cubbyhole! Nice redesign dude!

3  PhotoDude wrote:

I thought your cubbyhole fit fine. It's people like Jim who seem to not fit well, as the nature of his blog changes. But he go stuffed in the photo hole with you. And if I had to assign my own site to one of those catgories, I'd don't know what I'd do.

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