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Fri. Nov 30, 2001

Anarchy, by Process of Elimination

Anarchy, by Process of Elimination”The Pandora’s box of the American empire is still open, releasing its monsters and fears on a world still not fully under its control.” With an opening line like that, what else could it be but another diatribe published in The Guardian? In this one, they go back 61 years to dig up a Nazi document in order to say bad things about 87-year-old King Zahir Shah, then use it to reach this conclusion:

”Zahir Shah’s return is being strongly resisted by Pakistan. They know that the king never accepted the Durand Line, dividing Afghanistan and Pakistan, not even as a temporary border. They are concerned that he might encourage Pashtun nationalism.”

OK, so, the leaders of Afghanistan should be picked based on what’s best for … Pakistan? And the King isn’t acceptable. The Northern Alliance isn’t acceptable. The Pashtuns aren’t acceptable (at least, not to the Pakistani’s).

Hmm, who does that leave? For many of The Guardian’s commentator’s, it would seem the only thing that would make them happy is the reinstatement of the Taliban. Their criticisms leave no other option, and of course, present no alternatives, just shoot down those that exist.

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