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The Daily Whim

Wed. Apr 11, 2001

PhotoDude Pox of the Day

PhotoDude Pox of the Day – Sometimes, I just want to scream. Unfortunately, anything more would be illegal. ”Pop-up windows are effective! They get in your face, grab your attention, and require action just to get rid of them. They can’t be ignored and scrolled over like a banner ad on your site. While they do annoy some, most webmasters agree that the results of an effective pop-up window outweigh a minor annoyance.”

Geez, I’d like to get in these people’s face and grab their attention. It might even require action just to get rid of me. But like I said, I merely scream instead. I’m sure they are located outside my county, where I can’t bail myself out via a property bond.

Pop up windows are an uninvited uninitiated process on a visitor’s system, decidedly user un-friendly, and just plain bad business. When I walk into a store, and immediately have someone/something uninivited, in my face, I am most inclined to leave. I know all I need to know. This is no different.

A Pox on Popups!

Peanut Gallery

1  mas wrote:

I agree with you. A while back I went to and did a search on "pop-up window" and found quite a selection of automatic ad killers. None of them are perfect, but I've been using AnalogX Pow! on my NT box with decent success. Does anybody else have a favorite pop-up killer program?

Comment by mas · 04/12/2001 06:40 PM
2  Mike Harper wrote:

I agree whole heartedly. This morning my wife and I registered our copy of Dreamweaver & Flash 4. Well we were presented with the registration page with a section at the bottom containing ads. One ad contained the usual window controls at the top right. We decided to close it. Big Mistake. Window after window was opened giving us more and more unwanted crap. We went there to register software not to be plastered with mindless rubbish. They should be encouraging us to register not bombard us with this sort of mindless stupidity.

Comment by Mike Harper · 04/12/2001 08:31 PM
3  PhotoDude wrote:

While I guess you can blame Macromedia for the fact they place the rotating banner ads on their site (and there was much blame over it in their newsgroups), the ads come up randomly. The one you got was particularly nasty, because it also violates the maxim against making an ad look like a dialog box, warning box, or other OS interface element. It's cheesey trickery designed to get someone to do just what you did; click it and be assaulted by a flood of ads.

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