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Mon. Apr 09, 2001

MegaPixels for MegaBucks

MegaPixels for MegaBucks ”Kodak Professional has today revealed their official price for their new 6 megapixel, Nikon F5 based professional digital SLR the DCS 760, it will have a suggested list price of $7,995 …. Remember, our professional equipment affiliate Imaging Spectrum Inc. are taking orders at just $6,995.”

OK, we’re so close. We already have the archival output device, the Epson 2000P, a mere $800 (cough). Now we have a digital SLR camera that captures an image 3,032×2,008 pixels, an 18 MB file. That’s big enough to produce an 8×10 at hi res (300 dpi) output, or make about a 12×10 inch print on the 2000P.

The digital loop is complete. But with tax and shipping, it will set you back eight grand. And, oh yeah, the computer you need to connect the camera to the printer and process the images, well, that’s extra. But as for the parts I don’t have, that works out to about $1300 per megapixel. When that drops to about $650 per megapixel, I’m sold.

I’m guessing, Spring/Summer 2002. I can hardly wait.

Peanut Gallery

1  John wrote:

It's got me drooling, too. For this poor, bumbling amateur even $650/mp would be a tad steep, so I'm hoping that by 2002 they'll release a "new and improved" version that will help bring the price even lower. The removable IR blocking filter is a feature that caught my eye. I want it!

2  PhotoDude wrote:

That's my thinking, too. Watch the prices drop on the Nikon D1, their current digital SLR (3.3 MP). But for me, I've got to wait for Canon to join the 6 MP game, as I have an EOS 35 system, with a couple thousand dollars worth of lenses. I wavered about buying the D30, their 3.3 MP SLR, rather than the 990. But at $3,000 for the same resolution (down to $2500 now), I just couldn't see it. I've always know the 990 would be a "training wheels" camera. And yes, $650 per MP is still a dear price, but I'd find a way to do it. It's also about the same price you'd spend for a quality darkroom setup. Analog. Wet. Stinky. Never again. The IR feature caught my eye as well. I used to shoot infrared a lot, in fact, when I thought of spring, I thought of infrared. But I haven't shot any in about 3 years, simply because of the darkroom time required. Give me digital infrared, and I'll never enter a darkroom again.

3  John Banks wrote:

Now I'm almost embarrassed to admit that I'm shelling out a whopping $85 for my first foray into the digital realm, but we all gotta start somewhere, I guess, and my budget mostly goes for housing, food and clothes. Maybe if I hock all my 35mm equipment...

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